Beauty Sleep 101: Why Sleep Masks are Key

We take sleep pretty seriously around here- after a long day finishing tech packs or marathon fittings, we know there's nothing better than clocking some undisrupted ZZZs. That was part of the inspiration behind designing our best-selling sleep mask. We wanted to create a beautiful sleep accessory that is as stylish as it is functional (a big tenet behind all our designs!).

We were excited seeing our Selena Silk Sleep Mask become a quick favorite, with customers loving the cool-to-the touch silk satin and aromatherapy effect from the organic lavender filling. Our favorite stories are the customers who are new converts to eye mask sleep and how much it's helped them feel fully rested and recharged. 

If you haven't given sleep masks a try yet, you may be wondering how exactly does this little accessory do so much? Here are the benefits of this silky sleep aid and how ours differ from others on the market:


  • Sleep masks have been shown to increase REM sleep and also boost melatonin. They help block our natural and artificial light, which can be disruptive to sleep cycles.
  • Not only do they help block out light, but the weighted feature of our sleep masks acts like a weighted blanket for your peepers. We designed our mask with cotton batting on the interior for this added weight that can be stress-reducing.
  • Our Selena Sleep Masks are hand-finished and filled locally with dried organic French lavender for an aromatherapy effect. Lavender scents have been shown to help bring calm and combat insomnia. 
  • We craft of our masks using 22mm silk satin. This momme weight allows for longer durability and a truly luxurious handfeel of the fabric.
Treat yourself to true beauty sleep and try our Selena Sleep Mask to discover serene slumber!