Mother and Daughter Approved

Mother and daughter approved

We caught up with our good friend Teri Tsang Barrett and her daughter Eva. 
Both her writing and style inspire us and we were thrilled to hear why she and her daughter love the Selena Sleep Mask.


“After years of throwaway sleep masks, it was the Selena Sleep Mask that garnered my 10-year-old daughter’s first unsolicited review: ‘This one’s my favorite, and I love how it smells."

The dried lavender tucked into each silk-cotton sleep mask unveiled itself upon unwrapping for an aromatic experience that literally engaged our senses. Light floods her bedroom each morning, and I was the mom that picked up any cozy sleep mask that crossed my path. Eva accumulated a little collection, and certain ones made it into her rotation and I observed why the others didn’t—until she received the Selena as a gift. The Ad Astra sleep mask is now her go-to, and it’s packed up for sleepovers, visits to her grandparents, and never forgotten or left behind. "

Selena Sleep Mask

"Once I slip on the luxurious mask, it’s pure aromatherapy at work"

"As a discerning consumer, I appreciate the elegant details of the mask, from the fine lines of the exquisite astral-inspired print to the cool touch of the fabric. Once I slip on the luxurious mask, it’s pure aromatherapy at work, the fragrant lavender a soothing reminder to unwind and relax. It’s permanently bedside for both Eva and myself, a charming nighttime accessory that has elevated a useful concept into something great.”

—Teri Tsang Barrett